A view from the cockpit

F-35 pair in flight

A view from the cockpit

Meet the pilots turned Raytheon Intelligence & Space employees who spent decades taking to the skies with the U.S. Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps. Their perspectives underscore what's at stake when Raytheon Intelligence & Space talks about meeting its customer commitments and tackling the hardest problems.

"Grip," "Joker," and "Smurf" are our next group of airmen highlighted in the View From the Cockpit series. These dedicated and determined pilots were steadfast in continuing their service here at RI&S. Watch them discuss new topics and share how their sons are carrying on their legacy.

“The great thing of coming to work in the defense industry is that I can tell people “I’m still in the fight.” Now I’m providing servicemen the tools they need to complete their missions.”

Gene “Joker” McFalls, retired U.S. Air Force Lt Colonel and currently assistant director of Air Dominance and Space Requirements & Capabilities, Raytheon Intelligence & Space

“I think there’s a role for a person in the cockpit but I think that role is changing and manned and unmanned teaming is without a doubt the way of the future.”

Joe “Grip” Beissner, retired U.S. Air Force Colonel and currently director of F-15 Requirements & Capabilities, Raytheon Intelligence & Space

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