Advanced Tech

HEL High Energy Laser

Advanced Tech

This is tech with purpose. We engineer. We code. We research. We patent. We publish. But we do it not for flashy product reveals or to be the first to market. We do it because what we make matters. It matters in meteorology and emergency management. It matters in cybersecurity and air traffic control and the exploration of space. And it matters in ways we have yet to imagine.

HEL platforms

High-Energy Lasers

With a low cost per shot ratio, High Energy Lasers are a proven, affordable and viable option to rapidly defeat UASs. They offer an infinite number of shots, minimal logistics and precision accuracy.

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Digital Transformation

Digital Innovation

Raytheon Intelligence & Space Digital Innovation provides the certified secure, DevSecOps commercial software development practices and system reliability engineering.

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Artificial Intelligence digital brain

AI and Machine Learning

Through our work in machine learning, natural language processing and network flows, we're putting powerful processors to work, analyzing troves of data to help people work faster and make informed decisions.

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digital DNA

Synthetic Biology

Our scientists do the mathematical modeling behind synthetic biology, a field that could bring about enormous advances in medicine, agriculture, energy and even military intelligence.

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particle graphic

Quantum Computing

Our scientists are using quantum physics to forge the future of sensors, computers, data security and imaging.

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A soldier wearing virtual realtity goggles and an artistic view of what he sees.

Synthetic Environments

We are building new virtual training environments that will allow armed forces to train on any weapon or system from anywhere in the world.

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Synthetic Training Environment

Raytheon Intelligence & Space's proposed STE solution blends new and emerging technologies – augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and big data – to connect soldiers and allow them to train like never before.

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Ready Trainee One

In augmented reality, computer-generated or real-world, sensory content is placed over a soldier’s view of the real-world environment.

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Skyler radar on a mobile system, with stormclouds moving in.

Multi-Mission Radar

A network of compact AESA radar units, like Skyler, will support a wide range of low-level airspace missions like small drone surveillance, wildfire detection and precise weather observations.

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