North Texas Registered Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship Roles at RI&S

Raytheon Intelligence & Space’s registered Apprenticeship Program offers three unique certification opportunities which, depending on the track selected, require two-to-three years to complete. This Apprenticeship Program is the first-of-its-kind for manufacturing labor roles in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and offers the following tracks:

  • Assembly Technician: Apprentices will learn how to assemble or modify electro-optical and electro-mechanical equipment or devices and will work with a team of operators, technicians and engineers to support factory optimization. Individuals will perform various tasks in support of a manual and partially automated assembly production environment.
  • Precision Assembler: Individuals will be assigned to work with a team of operators, technicians, and engineers responsible for the assembly of various mechanical assemblies and microelectronic devices. In addition to the manual assembly, these individuals will be required to cross train on automated equipment and computers that will be essential in their work cells.
  • Electronics Tester: Apprentices will perform a wide variety of technical tasks in support of processes, engineering, quality control, calibration, laboratories, production/test environment, field operations, line maintenance and/or chemical handling. They will test, troubleshoot, repair, maintain and install a wide variety of electronic, electromechanical, mechanical, computer, laboratory, and scientific systems and/or equipment.

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To learn more about RI&S’s registered Apprenticeship Program in North Texas, please view this apprenticeship overview and contact Collin College at [email protected].

Visit the Apprenticeship USA website to learn about the benefits of enrolling in a registered Apprenticeship Program.